Hellbound Glory - Pure Scum LP + CD

Hellbound Glory - Pure Scum LP + CD

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Hellbound Glory's 2020 release Pure Scum on 12" Glow-In-The-Dark Green Vinyl + CD + Digital Package

Listen to the tales of a degenerate gambler on Pure Scum – the sixth record,and follow up to the most critically-acclaimed album to date, Pinball. It is the most straight-forward country record Hellbound Glory has presented to date.

Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Shooter Jennings


1 Ragged but Alright
2 Wild Orchid
3 Someone to Use
4 Loose Slots
5 Dial 911
6 Neon Leon
7 Renoware
8 Damned Angel
9 Hank Williams Lifestyle